Migrant Teen Journal

(for Haitians)



Migrant Teen Journal, available in English and in Haitian Creole, is published once a year by Migrant Worker Outreach (MWO). It is distributed FREE at farm labor camps in New Jersey, and is available at Hammonton Library. There is a companion journal for Hispanic youth, Latino Migrant Teen Journal, available in English and in Spanish. The Migrant Worker Journals have been published since 2011.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Migrant Worker Outreach is to welcome migrant workers and their families to New Jersey. We publish Migrant Teen Journal to provide informative and entertaining reading, and to serve as a platform for young voices, particularly from Haitian American communities in the United States.

How to Submit Material: Overview

Youth, ages 12 to 21, are invited to submit articles to our post office box or by email to the editor; our mailing address and email address are listed in the footer at the very bottom of this page. Guidelines for submitting materials are detailed below. You may contact the editor to discuss story ideas or proposals for articles first if you wish. We occasionally publish articles by contributors older than 21. We accept submissions for either of our two journals in English, Haitian Creole, French, and Spanish.

How To Submit Material For Migrant Teen Journal: Further Detail


Migrant workers, and those who serve them, are invited to submit original articles to our post office box or by email, including announcements, opinion pieces, recipes, poems, stories, drawings, reviews of books, plays, music, and sports, notes on camp life, and letters to the editor. Submissions may be written in English, Haitian Creole, Spanish, or French; you may provide your own translation, but it is not necessary. We reserve the right to edit letters by shortening them and to decide whether or not to publish your letter. All submissions must include the author's name and contact information, including phone number. If you cannot be reached, your piece will not be published. It's okay to use a friend's cell phone number if you have access to that phone. For those under eighteen years of age, you must also submit written parental consent. By submitting an article, you are freely granting Migrant Worker Outreach (MWO) the right to publish all or part of the piece in the Haitian Migrant Worker Journal, the Migrant Worker Journal, and in any subsequent publications, without compensation to you. You are also granting MWO the right to share your piece for publication or distribution in other media, without compensation to you.

Haitian Creole

Nou envite travayè migran Ayisyen yo, ak moun ki ofri sèvis pou popilasyon migran an pou soumèt atik oswa anons pou pwochen edisyon an. Ou kapab ekri atik ou vle soumèt la nan lang Angle, nan lang Kreyòl Ayisyen, oswa nan lang franse; ou kapab bay tradiksyon pa ou, men sa pa nesesè. Sijè atik w’ap soumèt la ta dwe nan enterè popilasyon migran an, epitou yo ka gen ladan yo pwezi, fiksyon, entèvyou, esè, nouvèl, kòmantè, yon revi sou yon liv, resèt ak desen oswa ilistrasyon komik.  N’ap kontan resevwa lèt ou voye ba editè a. Nou gen dwa edite lèt la, oubyen rakousi li pou’n ka pibliye’l, epitou nou gen dwa pou deside si pou nou pibliye lèt ou oswa si pou nou pa pibliye li. Tout atik ou soumèt yo dwe gen non otè atik la, ak nimewo telefòn ou, oubyen nimewo telefòn zanmi ou, pou nou kapab kontakte ou. Pou moun ki poko gen laj dizwitan, ou dwe soumèt konsantman paran alekri, pou nou pibliye atik ou. Lè ou soumèt yon atik, ou akòde Migrant Worker Outreach (MWO) oswa Òganizasyon pou Travayè Migran an otorizasyon pou pibliye yon pati oubyen tout atik la konplè nan Jounal pou Travayè Migran Ayisyen an, ak yon lòt piblikasyon tou, san ou pa resevwa konpansasyon. Ou akòde MWO tou dwa pou divilge atik ou a pou piblikasyon oswa pou distribisyon nan lòt medya, san ou pa resevwa konpansasyon.